Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Well, it is under 500...

Every day I get a crime report from CrimeView Cyber Watch.  This report tells me what crimes have been committed within a mile radius of my home.  For the heck of it, I went to their site, put in the same criteria they use to send me this daily report and asked for a print out of a two month time span from June 1 - July 31.  I guess I should be happy there aren't any car bombings, murders, aggravated littering or driving under the influence of Kansas Street between Prospect and Maryland.

 This is what I got:


Total:  476

Well, lucky me, it is less than 500 reported crimes in a one mile radius around my home in two months.  That is less than 20 crimes a day!!  When will there be enough crime for those playing spend and tax around the horseshoe to pull their heads out of developers' asses and realize that people are LEAVING Peoria?  And people who leave don't pay property, sales, HRA & garbage taxes to keep the city afloat.  Oh, please mighty museum and hotel provide us with millions in tax revenues to overfund the police department.


Anonymous said...

How does one get the crime report?

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