Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Peoria City Council Goes Spend Crazy AGAIN

But really, do they ever STOP to go spend crazy AGAIN?

First, they vote to spend $100,000 to hire a consulting firm to act as a communications liaison between the city and Gary Matthews concerning the progression of the work being done (among other things) on the Pere Marquette/Marriott project for four hours a week.

Let us do the math.  Let us say this starts August 1.  If it goes until the end of February when this thing is supposed to be done for March Madness as promised, it means about 28 weeks.  28 weeks times 4 hours a week equals 112 hours.  $100,000 divided by 112 equals (get this) $893 an hour.  I seriously can not grasp this.  Hey city manager Ulrich, why don't you just pick up the damned phone, call Matthews and ask WTF is going on twice a week?  If you are too busy, maybe you call once and Mayor Ardis calls once.  Call during the weekly Council meeting, put it on speakerphone so the whole room can hear the conversation.  Let the council ask questions and you all get the same information at the same time. 

Now they want to put the taxpayers on the hook for 3.8 million dollars to convert Adams and Jefferson to two way streets because it will make the Warehouse District more successful.  I have one question for the council.  Please tell me why you believe the Warehouse District is going to be successful when you can't even attract and keep business and restaurants open on Water Street?

Ask yourself, in what condition are your streets and sidewalks where you live and work (if these locations are in Peoria).  Would you feel safe walking in any part of Peoria any time of day or night?  Are all the homes and businesses in your neighbor adhering to all city codes?  If you can give high marks to all of the questions above you must be a city council member or you need to have your optometrist check that rose colored tint in your glasses.  We have far more pressing needs (not wants) in this community that need financial attention FIRST!!

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You get my high 5 for this blog. WTF is right!!!!