Monday, April 23, 2012

Year 50 In Preview

Well, this year marks my 50th birthday. I don't know where all the years have gone. I know a few of them I just felt lost after closing my restaurant; things just didn't make sense in life. But besides that, I've done, seen and been to some pretty cool things in my life. So, for this next year starting this month, I want to do at least one thing that I really enjoy doing, haven't done before or haven't been before. At the moment, the list is small, but I'm always searching.

This month finds me finally cracking open (among other bottles) my single, fabled bottle of 1982 Chateau Pichon Lalande...the wine most "experts" rated 97-100 points upon release and still rated that today. The thing is; most agree the wine hasn't changed that much in its 30 years existence which is kind of unheard of.

May finds me at a Chickenfoot concert. Have been a Hagar fan since about the time he released the Red album (which I have on vinyl). Hagar, along with equally booted from Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, uberguitarist Joe Satriani and Kenny Arnoff (replacing Chad Smith who is on tour with his "real" band the Red Hot Chile Peppers) on drums round out the group.

No plans for June. Lots going on at work that month, so it may be tough.

July. My concert bucket list was completed last year by seeing rock legend Bob Seger. While there are musicians I would really like to see, I won't have regrets about not seeing them. One of those is blues guitarist Ana Popovic who will be a small drive to go see. While I'm sure there are a lot of guy guitarists who could put her to shame, she plays a slide and wah pedal together as well or better than anyone and she definitely LOOKS better than the guys....

August: see June, but definitely would like to spend some time with mom and dad around their 53rd wedding anniversary. Even though with their health and vitality, I'm sure they have a great shot at seeing 60, every year, unfortunately, time gets shorter that this yearly event will re-occur.

September. Sometime during the week, I want to head to Hermann, MO. I've been there a zillion times, but I love that little town and all the wineries. Hate going down during the Oktoberfest madhouse that occurs the next month.

October:, not banking insurance. Acronyms for a Hagar era Van Halen tune.

November: Yet another concert of someone who I'd like to see, but wasn't on the CBL: Joe Bonamassa

December: June & August repeat

For 2013, just too far away to plan, but....

Things I'd like to do that I think I'll slip in somewhere: I have a new passion for good bourbon and currently it is Eagle Rare 10 year old Single barrel. I'm sensing a roadtrip to Kentucky for a distillery tour.

When the leaves start changing, I think it would be cool to take 5 days to run from Mississippi Palasides State Park/Savana, IL to Grafton, IL along various roads along the Mississippi River Bluffs and come back on Route 100 along the Illinois River Bluffs.

 I doubt the big remaining 5 on my "places I'd like to see/see again" bucket list will occur, but one never knows. Don't see the available time factor for New Orleans/Avery Island, Germany (relatives, family vineyard and get to the Matterhorn in Switzerland), Seattle/Washington Wine Region, Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam and St. Lucia (which is weird that I want to go to one of the few tropical islands in the northern hemisphere when I'm not a fan of heat).

Well, that is it. Got to make the next 50 as cool as the first......

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Well damnit all to hell Happy Birthday!