Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is There School Today?

I just got back from running some errands. During this trek, I noticed, what appeared to my "bad child age guessing" eye, about 6 school aged kids in various locations in the aforementioned travels.

Why aren't they in school? If they are in stores, along the street, etc., they could have been driven, walked, etc. to school. Are they sick? They should be home.

So, I saw about 6 in a 45 minute stretch in a rather small vicinity. What does this translate into for the whole city on one day? Week? Month?

Don't blame the teachers, school district, principals, school board, etc. if you are dragging your kids shopping or leaving them to their own accord and they aren't doing well in school. If you are doing this, I wonder how much homework, after school projects, etc. are getting adult supervision.


tls1995 said...

District 150 is in school today. They are on SPring Break next week. I know Peoria Christian was on Spring Break last week - maybe some of the other districts/schools are on break this week.

walk of shame said...

Morton is on Spring Break from the 9th-13th.

Anonymous said...

Lots of home schooled kids in our area, you know.