Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Second? Chance?

The city council LOVES to spend our tax dollars and just is itching to do so. But not on critical items like, oh say, police, roads, infrastructure, city services....

No, they are giving Gary Matthews a "second" chance at building a Marriott in conjunction with the Pere.

A second chance? This guy has missed every deadline set for him by the council regarding this project. If we missed this many at our jobs, we'd get fired. And yet again, the project has again been downsized from what was originally presented to Peoria.

Maybe we can all hide at this hotel from all the thuggery that is going on in Peoria of late. If we are all in one spot, maybe the two remaining police officers will be able to protect us better. I hope all the shooting, hold up, stabbing and beating victims of late will find solace in knowing that the city council is more concerned about lining the pockets of developers, etc. than they are spending money driving out/locking up thugs and protecting the citizens of Peoria.

I think the mayor and every city council person who voted yes for this should have to sign a personal guarantee letter for this project. If they can't see that Matthews couldn't get his portion of the financing for 2 years it should tell them that the "money people" in this world don't think this is a good idea. But I'm sure the council knows better and would have no issue putting up their homes, cars and bank accounts as collateral. I mean the Civic Center, Gateway Building, Firefly, Globe, Mid town Plaza, O'Brien Field and the Rec Plex are such financial windfalls for Peoria, you'd think our tax rate would be zero. We all know who made money on these deals and it wasn't the Peoria taxpayer.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Two Upcoming Events at Willett's Winery

This upcoming weekend has two fun events!

It's not to late to get tickets for our Halloween Costume Party to be held on Saturday, October 29th. It begins with an appetizer buffet at 7pm, sangria (other refreshments available) and a costume contest with various prizes, then Southside Cindy & The Sliptones beginning at 8pm. You don't want to miss this fun event so get a group of friends together!! No, you don't have to have a costume, but it is more fun that way!! Cost is $25 per person.

Our third annual chili cook-off competition will be held the the next day (Sunday, 30th) at 1 PM. There are three categories in which you can enter a chili (or enter all three of them if you'd like): traditional, non-traditional and spicy. Prizes will be awarded in each category. There will be a professional judging and a People's Choice award. There is no cost to enter, but call to reserve your space in the competition.

Call the winery at 309*968*7070 to sign up or for more information.