Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Changing My Mind

Awhile back, in a post long long ago (that I'm not going to try and post the link) I said I didn't think it would be appropriate for someone running a restaurant to be running around critiquing them.

Well, I've changed my mind. Why?

1. This is why I started the blog in the first place.

2. Because I have had people contact me saying that doesn't make any difference to them.

3. (and probably the biggest reason) is that when I was in culinary school, I had an instructor by the name of Chef Peter Michael. Chef Michael was a Certified Master Chef (CMC), the highest designation of "chefdom" there is and there are only "maybe" a 100 in the USA. He was also a judge for those who took, and mostly failed, the Certified Master Chef examination. This is the Chef I had who taught me how to cut up shallots and make chicken stock!! But not only did he teach us this, but stories about life. And one of those things was how to enjoy a social life as a Chef. He claimed that he and his wife would always get invited over to friends' house for AFTER dinner drinks because people were too intimated to cook for him (which I don't know if it was his CMC status or because he was almost the size of an NFL offensive lineman). But his comeback to that was: "Just because I cook this way, doesn't mean I eat this way. I like a burger on the grill just as much as the next guy." This was evident when several of us were at a local fair and ran into him and his wife and he was chowing on a fair food hot dog; no fancy sauces, no correctly minced onions, no made from scratch mustard. He wasn't judging or critiquing when it came to his personal enjoyment.

And I think back and realize that I didn't *overly* critique restaurants from a professional's point of view; I merely made observations and reported on them. No star rating system. And only average or above reviews...never really slammed anyone; I wanted you to know of the good places and try them from "just a guy's perspective" and let the places that just didn't "cut the mustard" toil away unannounced.

Now, I have less time to do reviews than in the past, so they may be few and far in-between, but they will show up from time to time. Actually, I do have one I will post in a few days.

See You Around The Table..... (once again)

Chef Kevin

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brought To You By..... guess is the same organization responsible for hiring botanically challenged Hollyhock whackers.

This has been on my nerves for awhile. The city (or someone the city hired) cut down a bunch of dead and dying ornamental trees on our boulevard. They replaced them with various other ornamental trees. This is one of two that got planted this way. I called the city and it appeared they got righted. However, it didn't last long. I righted one myself, drove a metal fence post next to it and tied it to the STRAIGHT fence post. Currently, it is about straight; don't want to force it. While doing this, a neighbor came out, thought this shouldn't be my responsibility and was going to call the city again (I don't know if this got accomplished or not..I'd say not). So this poor tree is growing at an angle conducive of using it for a barge tie off on the Hennepin Canal. It is slowly driving me nuts. I'm half tempted to borrow the chainsaw master's Stihl Farm Boss chainsaw and remove it and plant something completely perpendicular to the ground like a nice Bradford Pear.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I went to the Kroger's on Wisconsin today. On my way home I drove past the NEW Glen Oak Learning Center and something caught my eye: It appears that the paint on the new metal or ironwork between and above the two pillars at the entrance is peeling. How old is this project? Less than a year?

Maybe a very large crow took a dump. Maybe there is supposed to be some white-ish paint there and I just don't understand modern art. Maybe they ran out of black paint and haven't been back to finish. Maybe a trip to my eye doctor is in order.


Go check it for yourself.