Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Spy Peoria

It seems like almost on a daily basis I see some sort of really odd behavior. It makes me contemplate a side blog called I Spy Peoria. (iSpy Peoria would be way cooler, but I sure the big shots at Apple wouldn’t like iSpy because that is probably what they call their covert computer geek operatives that keep tabs on Bill Gates’ activities and sue me for gazillions.) It would follow along the line of Peoria Illinoisans’ “Overheard in Peoria” combined with the cynical commentary found Randall Emert’s Anti-Pundit 2.5 blog. As with “Overheard in Peoria”, you would just e-mail me the wacky, outrageous, odd, illegal (could be fun…), stupid, rude, funny or dimwitted events you witnessed and some “not overly profane” commentary. It would be sorta cool, but I don’t know if I’m up for it. Can’t even seem to keep this blog going.

I know the question..”What brought this on”? Glad you asked.

I’m traveling out by Grand Prairie Mall two days ago and I’m stopped at a light. In front of me is this jumbo SUV. Suddenly, an arm appears out of the driver’s window and it looks like the driver is trying to throw something but it is stuck to his hand; kinda like Orlando Jones’s character in the Replacements when the coach put stick’em on his hands so he wouldn’t drop the football. After a bit, the arm re-appears and does the same thing. Then I see his windshield wipers going. NOW I get it - he is out of windshield washing solution, can’t see and is trying to fling bottled water onto his windshield while perched in the driver’s seat.

After laughing my ass off, I figured if you can afford a giant, gas sucking SUV, you can afford to wash your windshield with Evian. I’m sure your car’s clear coat will appreciate the lack of chemical additives. But wouldn’t it be easier to fill the wash reservoir with the stuff than flinging out the window?