Monday, January 25, 2010

Will They or Won't They? Let The Speculation Begin.

Now that the elder statesmen have been knocked out of Superbowl contention, the speculation of whether Brett Favre (for the fourth time) and Kurt Warner (who is always rumored to retire) will retire from football this off season.

First, I will say that these two guys are fun to watch. Not because they can scramble like Michael Vick but you know they have the talent to make things happen. Yeah, yeah, they both made costly mistakes in their last games, but when it is on your back to come from behind to make up for mistakes of your team mates, well, sometimes you do stupid stuff. It is like the field goal kicker who catches all of the grief when he misses the game winning field goal attempt from 52 yards out in a crosswind with 2 seconds left on the clock. He becomes the scapegoat while no one remembers the 45 yard pass interference call that let the other team score and go ahead or the wide receiver dropping the ball in the end zone; it is ALL the field goal kicker's fault.

Favre: I can't believe Brett will retire (again) knowing that his last pass in a storied, record ladened NFL career was an interception, kinda like his last year at Green Bay. I also can't believe for how well he played this season that going for an unheard of 20th year in the NFL doesn't cross his mind in cementing his legacy. He obviously has an awesome team that should be playing in the Superbowl this year. One more year, Brett, but ask that Adrian Peterson walks home in complete gear from any game where he fumbles the football. Walking home from San Francisco would give him time to reflect especially if he had to walk home from Seattle the week before.

Warner: I can see Warner walking away easier than Favre even if it means leaving about 11.5 million sitting in the Arizona Cardinal's owners pockets instead of his. BUT, if I were Warner and I was coming back, I'd make some demands. First, they now have a running back named Beanie Wells who FINALLY gave AZ a respectable running game. Wells proved he is very dangerous in the open field. Warner should demand the development of more technical running plays to get this guy sprung and out into the open field. If this means developing the quick pitch and screen part of the "Greatest Show On Turf" offense that Warner/Marshall Faulk ran in St. Louis during their heyday (but abandoned in their Superbowl loss - blame Mike Martz for that, though) then so be it. Or develop something else so it would take pressure off of Warner having to throw 50 times a game and getting hit so many times standing in the pocket. It would also make opposing secondaries have to worry about a lot more than the Cardinal's never ending parade of talent in the wide receiver department which would make AZ even more dangerous. My second demand would be to do something about the defense. If I were Warner, I'd be pissed off that it is my weekly responsibility to outscore the other team as the defense couldn't stop the last place team in the "Over 90 year old blind granny wheelchair" league. Before this past season, pass rush guru Julius Peppers was a free agent and I thought AZ should have traded everyone and their mothers to get this guy to line up on the other side of Darnell Dockett on the defensive line, especially since Bertrand Berry was in his 12th year (and now retiring). But if AZ does nothing to improve their defense this off season, I'd retire, too. But, as with Favre, I'd like to see him play another year.

Regardless, I think we will see them both again. Not because they have anything to prove, it is because they love the game and they have teams that could win it all (unlike if they were playing for Detroit or St. Louis) that would be the final, crowning achievements on their careers. They both had years that most NFL QBs could just dream of.

As for the Superbowl. One glaring fact: The three games the Saints played after their three off weeks (between pre-season, bye week and end of regular season/playoffs) they royally kicked the shit out of their opponents. If this trend holds true, it will be a long afternoon for Peyton and crew. Not saying Indy will lose, but it fairs well for the Saints, who I do think will win.

(Now a disclaimer, a little history. I was a Los Angeles Rams fan BEFORE Eric Dickerson because I thought Vince Ferragamo (good Lord I can't believe I remember this - talk about useless info. - would lead them to great glories). I was a fan (though a little disgruntled) when they traded Dickerson. I followed them after Dickerson and to St. Louis. One day this Kurt Warner fellow shows up and lights up the sky along the Mississippi River with footballs and it was great to be a non "fair weather" Rams fan. I was soooooo mad at the Rams (mis)"management" for letting him go (like Dickerson), that I had it with the Rams and followed Warner instead. I just couldn't figure out why the Rams just didn't sit him and let the injury heal (kinda like Philadelphia does every year with Donovan McNabb every year). So, I hope they are glad to see Kurt doing so well somewhere else (and kicking the their arses twice a year since joining the Cardinals *snicker*).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

To quote Johnny Mac...

You cannot be serious!!

I'm going to pay my house and car insurance online today and I notice that my insurance company has a "Become a fan on Facebook" link.

Insert John McEnroe line here.

After jacking my house insurance after the break-in/robbery two years ago and this year jacking my car insurance, which is basic liability (no claims of any sort since early '05).... You want me to become a FAN?!?!?!

Insert John McEnroe quote here.

Become a fan? I'll give them something to be a fan of: {delete}

Monday, January 18, 2010

Changes, They Are A-Comin'

From my previous post, readers know I quit my old job, which was assistant manager at GFS Marketplace, and am now working for Willett's Winery & Cellar in Manito.

The main reason I started this blog to do restaurant reviews and to blog about issues affecting restaurants locally or nationally. However, over the years the content drifted away from those two things. I got away from the reviews because I was actually confronted about said reviews at GFS one day when some guy pretty heavily questioned me about me being impartial. His premise was that if restaurants were GFS customers I would give them great reviews hoping to boost GFS business and if they were a competitor's customer give them less than stellar review hoping to hurt the competitors business (seriously, I can't make this stuff up). Well, this was a crock-o-shit for two reasons. 1. I'd like to think that I was above that type of behavior. 2. Did anyone ever read a BAD review here? Maybe average, but never bad. I felt it was better to call out the really good ones and leave those who did a less than average job sit in anonimity. It was a bit shocking to have this happen, not just because of the accusation, but having someone doing this where I worked, which I never mentioned here. However, it was even more shocking to come home one day soon thereafter and find this same accusation/calling me out on my blog. Moreso not wanting the world to know where I worked, I initiated the moderation of comments. Don't know whose Wheaties I pissed in, but it must have been after a huge Sam Adams drinking event.... Thusly, it brings up a point: If I am now running a restaurant, should I be critiquing others? My thought is no.

So, I'm thinking what I should do with this blog.

I could continue to rant and rave about some of the silly things the city does: the anti-botanical hollyhock whacker, the tree in my front yard, the sidewalk that looks like the intoxicated poured it or snowplowing the little used alley behind my house before plowing the actual street on which I live, etc. Or complain about the yahoos I seem to encounter.

I could promote all the events, etc. going on down at the winery.

Or I'm sure someone out there suggest I just shove it up my arse.

So, there may be a lull here until I figure out which direction I want to take it.