Monday, December 29, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

I just wanted to point out to those of you who do not read or do not know about local blogger The Peoria Anti-Pundit, you really need to read his most current blog post. I made a comment on it and you would do well to heed it as one commenter did not.

I had something REALLY nasty hit me earlier this year. Mr. Emert deal with the evil troll and I've learned my lesson (I think): You've heard of "just say no". The internet version of that is "just click NO"

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It just doesn't add up.

If you read the Peoria Journal Star at all you will realize at least three things. 1. The Salvation Army is $470,000 short of its goal this year and $20,000 behind where they were this time last year. 2. The Peoria Journal Star's Stocking Fund is $40,000 short of where they would like to be. 3. In various articles, both groups report record numbers of requests for help.

Obviously, economic times are tough as the gifts from givers has fallen short and requests have grown long.

Yet, the Build the Block Museum people think we have extra tax money just laying around to support their cause that they, themselves, can not find enough financial support.

It is obvious that more and more people just do not have the financial means to help out others, or in some cases, support themselves, yet the Build The Blockers feel the need to squeeze people a bit harder to support their temple unto themselves. I find it on the edge of appalling that in a time of economic crisis the Build the Blockers have the testicular fortitude to ask for a sales tax increase referendum when they can't begin to raise the money themselves.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good, cheap and fast

I'm always amazed when I hear "why can't there be a restaurant where you can get fast, great food at reasonable prices". One thing I learned.

If the food is fast and cheap, it usually isn't great.
If the food is great and cheap, it usually isn't fast.
If the food is fast and great, it usually isn't cheap.
If it is expensive, great and deliberate, you are probably eating at somewhere like the Waldorf-Astoria.

And yes, I know that everyones definition of great, cheap (reasonable, whatever) and fast are all different.

Three More Days.

I am soooooo not ready for Christmas. Well, the gifts are bought and most need wrapping, but that isn't it. The "magic" of the holiday just isn't in me. Three days and the holiday shopping season is over. I'm so tired of sucking up and being nice to rude and belligerent customers. The yearly bonus is almost used up buying vodka and ibuprofen to keep me tempered and pain free.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Local Restaurant To Close?

I have it on pretty good authority (I think) that another locally owned restaurant is closing. And this one is a crying shame. To quote New Orleans (area) recording artist, Marc Broussard, "you people don't understand how funky this shit really is". To which restaurant am I referring?

Po' Boys.

Ok, I'm a huge hypocrite concerning this one. Why? If I left work in time to go home and cook for myself, I do. If I'm out of work late, Po' Boys wasn't on the most direct route home like Panache, Crusen's or Schooners. So, only once every few months did I make it there. Stupid me. Because this place was unlike anything in downstate Illinois. Yeah, I heard some bad reports about some things including responses on my blog where I did a review. But as long as Peorians keep eating at all the chain joints, cool, funky independent joints like this will cease to exist.

On a happy note (if there can be one) I stopped in for dinner tonight and found that the Dixie Brewing Company is back in business (they were wiped out by Hurricane Katrina, I believe) making my all time favorite beer (no, it isn't Sam Adams..I know...sacrilege) Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager.

I hope someone re-opens this place.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Bob!

Bob Manning has announced that he isn't going to run for re-election as the 3rd district councilman according to this article.

Say it isn't true. Please tell me I'm still asleep and having a dream about reading this online and typing on my blog.

While I didn't agree with his stance on buying the water company, I did appreciate Bob Manning for everything he did and does for the 3rd district in which I live. He was very accessible, spoke in everyday language and seemed like an ordinary guy, not a politician. I can't say I've ever spoke to anyone who disliked Bob.

This sucks. Yet, I understand about not having free time and your family and friends always seem to take a back seat.

Whomever takes his place has some VERY big shoes to fill in my opinion.

Thank You Bob (even though I doubt you are reading this) for everything you've done to make my little corner of Peoria a better place.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Peoria Uno-less?

In my travels today, I drove past the Mark Twain Hotel. I noticed that the UNO sign wasn't there and there was a sign the said Two 25, Steaks and Pastas.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Where I Am Cooking Starting in 2009

Starting in mid-November, I start to lay off the side gigs as the real job gets very busy around the holidays. There just isn't enough time or energy to do outside events. Well, except one.

Anyway, listed on my website are places you can find me cooking or such through the middle of March 2009. There may be a few more added after the new year as they are in the works and not finalized.

Hope to see you at one of these!!

See You Around The Table....

Chef Kevin