Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now Hiring...

We recently put up our "Now Hiring" sign at work as we are going to add a person or two to gear up for the holiday season. All I can say is that I am amazed.

Now hiring does not mean "Now hiring you at this moment." I get that sense from people who seemed shocked that we don't drop everything to sit them down when they come in and apply. It means that we look through a good sized stack of apps a day and you are one of M-A-N-Y. We look through them trying to find the people best qualified for a position that fulfill OUR needs and call those people for interviews.

Through the process, we do get a kick out of a couple of things. 1. Reason for leaving your previous job: Not enough hours. This brings up two schools of thought. Either business slowed down or it was their way of getting you to quit. However, aren't SOME hours better than NO hours until you find a better job? I'm sure you "showed" them by quitting. 2. If your past couple of jobs found you quitting because you didn't get along with the manager\owner, I wonder where the issue lies? 3. Can you get off your cellphone long enough to answer a few questions about your application when you turn it in. 4. I'd say 2 out of every 5 applications are not filled out completely or entirely. If you do not care, don't take the effort or ensure that everything is filled out LEGIBLY, I should hire you, why?

But my favorite is this: I answer the phone and hear: "I'm calling to check on my application". I have to say that I am somewhat impressed by the fact that you are calling. I'd be really impressed if you gave me your name so I would know for which application I would be searching.

Ok, before I get a 1000 comments about how hard it is to get a job and how tiresome and degrading it is apply, apply and apply and not get anywhere, believe me, I know the feeling even though it has been many years. I'm sure there will people who read this and feel slighted because they do put their best foot forward and nothing is happening for them. Somehow, I don't think you are the person I am referring to in the above.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Call Me Old Fashioned

Recently, I went to a funeral. Never a good thing and I'm not blogging about how good of a person the deceased was. I guess I haven't been to a funeral in awhile as I was taken back people dressed.

Torn jeans, T-shirts (including a concert T), pink and denim mini skirts, cargo pants and shorts, beat to hell tennis shoes, a 30 something woman trying to dress like Hanna Montana, the 70's wants their bosom exposing blouse back, people not knowing what the hell an iron is or they just sleep in their clothes. Nice touch with that Bears baseball cap. Flip flops. Seriously? Are you going to the beach afterwards?

Maybe I grew up in a different era where when you went to a visitation or funeral you put on a suit\sports coat and tie and dress shoes. Women wore appropriate dresses. Usually dark colors were the norm for both.

Did I miss a Phil Luciano column that gave this dress code the OK?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Which political party is going to correct this?

I don't get in to politics too much because I think the whole lot of them need to be dumped into the Potomac and have my mother replace them. I think the right has gone too far right, the left too far left and the hard working guy and gal who go to their job every day and struggle to make ends meet are picking up the tab for all these elected officials "great ideas".

Here is what gets me. First, I understand that there are a lot of people out there that do not get this perk, so why am I bitching? To start, you have to be with the company for which I work for 5 years to get this perk. What is the perk? When you go on vactaion, they give you $50. Well, it really isn't $50. By the time I get done paying for leases on corporate Escalades and Link cards, my "vacation perk" is less than $29.00 While I do realize part of this goes into my Social Security which I probably never will see, why should the rest of it go anywhere? Even at $2.99 a gallon, it won't fill my Tracker 1/2 full of gas. I can vacation in Tremont this year and see their new pool!

Next year, they can keep it. I'm not going to pay taxes on it.

Outstanding Small Business Award Winner of the Year

The Chamber of Commerce recently announced its Outstanding Small Business Award Winner of the Year. The winner in the "Under 25 Employees" is Terry Beachler. Guess it pays to confiscate IDs and aggravate Peoria police officers.

Where I am Cooking

I've updated my professional webpage to include where I am cooking the rest of the year. There are not too many, but the private events are not listed. Of course, I never quite know when I will be cooking at Panache.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Night Ribfest

I stopped down at the Ribfest tonight (Friday). Not a lot going on. The Smo-King Pit was there as were Hickory River and Hick'ry Stick. Maybe a few more will show up tomorrow. Good Lord knows there are plenty "Q" joints in the Peoria area. Regardless, that isn't the odd part only having a few rib joints there. What was odd to me was the music. When I think ribs, I think of Memphis and little "in the middle of nowhere" places in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, the Carolinas and Georgia with with smokehouses in the the back belching out hickory and fruit wood smoke that can be smelled for miles. To me, the music would be very southern. In other words, the blues. However, blaring away on the CEFCU stage was some hard rock band opening for 7 Mary 3. I had to shout at the people I was talking to. I dunno...just didn't have the right vibe. With all the decent area blues bands and blues bands on tour right now, I just think it would have been more appropriate.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fall Backyard Splendor

The maple trees in my back yard have just started to turn. While mowing the grass tonight, I noticed a few things, and though I am no Lily or Keith, I decided to take some pictures.

First, was this giant mushroom. Except for those huge "powderball" mushrooms, I think this is the biggest mushroom I've ever seen. Definitely would give a portabello "fungi envy".

Next is this out of control Hydrangia. I don't know if that is spelled right.

I noticed the other day that my crimson Hibiscus was getting some new buds. What the heck is that? The thing usually goes c-razay right after the 4th of July until the first of August, then no more. Well, I guess it must be confused.

Then there is my pond. This thing is so bittersweet. When it is all running well, not leaking and void of most algae, it is quite nice. We won't go into the other times. Right now, it is leak and algae free and is looking really good. Too bad I have to cover it soon when the giant maple starts taking its annual leaf dump.

And then there is the 8 foot tall Porcupine Grass. Weedwacko is probably going to need a straightjacket.

And finally, the whole rock garden is looking good except where those damned groundhogs were having lunch and digging holes.
And yes, I could have gotten farther away.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I LOVE This Weather.

It is 49 degrees. My windows are wide open. I'm in a T-shirt and jeans. Nothing like cool, fall weather and a great cup of coffee. Now I've got the itch to get into the Tracker and cruise Missouri wine country.

The only thing that sucks about fall: that giant Maple tree in my back yard which I think has more leaves on it than the dollar amount of the proposed bailout (or it will seem that way when I have to rake all of them).

Besides that, time for some outdoor work, a good bike ride and grilling some ribs. I've also got the itch to get out the giant wok (yeah, this thing is about 30" across), set it on the Webber and have a seafood boil.

I love fall.

The Bail-out

A lot is being discussed, analyzed and written about the 700 billion dollar bailout. I'm not going to do so. I see pros and cons of doing so. But I have some questions and comments to make.

First, any CEO, CFO, etc. of these failed institutions that made more than 35,000 a year for the last three years while this thing has been slowly brewing needs to pay it back. Sell the boats, houses, wine cellars, jewelry, Brooks Brothers suits, etc. Took a 2 week vacation to New Zealand? You owe; have to pay it back. How many of you make (I'm guessing) a high six figure or seven figure salary for doing a shit job, causing your company to swirl clockwise and destroy the livelihoods of untold thousands? Then, they need to be fired, replaced by people like Ross Perot and Warren Buffett who obviously have fiscal business sense and forced to work a minimum wage job. After that, they need a good televised spanking from my mother. Just tell her corn prices dropped to .80 a bushel and that rod of hers will move faster than a windmill during Hurricane Ike.

Next, I want to know who in the government decides which businesses to bail out. My business failed and no one bailed me out. I'm sure many other businesses have failed, owners have lost small fortunes and no government bail out. I wonder if the government can be sued for discrimination?

Finally, if we have or can borrow 700 billion dollars to buyout private businesses that failed, why didn't\don't we do that for our schools, police departments and failing social systems and ensure Social Security is there for every person who is paying into it? As far as I'm concerned, the money is being spent to bail out the greedy instead of the needy. And to quote Chris Rock "that ain't right".