Saturday, July 26, 2008

California Bans Transfats in Restaurants

Governor "I'll Be Back" Schwarzenegger signed into law that any commercial food outlet can no longer use any type of transfats in or in the production of food in CA. Its OK to plug your arteries at home by your own hand but not OK if someone helps you along. Guess we should have figured that would happen...just ask Dr. Kevorkian. I'm glad these culinary wackos didn't get too crazy about eggs and butter when they were "horribly bad" for you. Remember when a pat of butter or an egg yolk would solidify your arteries on contact and you'd end up striking a pose like Lot's wife?

Kinda hypocritical for a guy who used to shoot 'roids, huh?

Read all about it here

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sad Coffee Drinking Day

Years ago when starting my restaurant, I tried a lot of coffees, blended some and came up with what I thought was a perfect cup of coffee. Deep, rich and low acid. Even though I closed the restaurant, I still had access to the beans to whip up this blend and sell it (at cost - the plan was never to make money off of it) to those who remembered and enjoy it. I'm at the point where I needed to order beans again. However, one of the coffee companies from where I obtained a cetrain blend of Caribbean sourced beans is no longer producing\carrying those beans. A sad day. I have about 2 pounds left of a magnificent brew.

There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, though. My daily drinker is a blend of certain Kenya AA and Sumatra beans. I'm thinking of blending these with the other two beans that are still available from other sources and produce Chef Kevin Coffee, Part 2. Currently, though, I'm using Sumatra beans from Trader Joe's and really like them. But this isn't a very feasible option. The search is on for a comparable bean.

Friday, July 18, 2008

More Cell Phone Issues.

I can't make these two up.

First, I'm shopping at a local supermarket. I'm not going to mention which one as it isn't their fault. As I rarely go to the supermarket, I stock up on things while I'm there. I'm kneeling in front of the canned tomato section and getting several cans of tomato paste off the next to bottom shelf. Along comes this guy with a cart and runs over my foot completely oblivious to the fact that he has done so. Why is this? He is on his f*ckin' cellphone!!! Being on the rude side, I over re-acted (no Oscar nomination, I'm sure) and exclaimed "Jesus Christ, that was my foot, man!" Cellphone dude looked some where between perplexed and stunned and muttered "Sorry" and went on his cellphone shopping way. Now if he would have had 300 pounds of dog food in his cart and broke my ankle or foot, who would have been responsible? The store? I think idiots like this need to carry cell phone damage insurance in case they f*ck something up while oblivious to things around them while yapping on their cell.

It doesn't end. I'm traveling on Nebraska Avenue today. I can not make this shit up. I'm behind three cars. The first stops at a stop sign and the rest of us follow suit. The driver of the first car at the stop sign, gets out, goes back to the second car and hands a cellphone THROUGH THEIR WINDOW!!! Driver 1 waits until driver 2 finishes the conversation and gives the cellphone back to driver 1. Driver 1 proceeds back to his car cellphone attached to ear.


Now I know what causes road rage. Some days I wish I could legally lug around my semi-auto 12 guage.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

When Life Gets In The Way...

I know I have been MIA from the blogging world. Yes, there should have been restaurant reviews to write, people to bitch about, people\places to promote, but life gets in the way. I haven't called it quits, become bored or don't care.

Of course, there is the 50 hour a week job. Then I went a little overboard and just took on a bit too much catering. The house had too many started projects and few finished, but now some have now been completed. Another water pipe in the the basement sprung a leak as did the water softener. Food articles to write, cooking classes for fall schedules to work on, computer issues and minor car problems. Either gravity, wild animals or vandals caused my pond's waterfall to end up in the pond damaging the liner beyond repair and burnt up the pump. Currently in the process of putting this back together.

Hopefully, my stars are re-aligning and the bad luck will go away. Combine that with no cooking classes, catering, etc. until mid-September and life will go on a usual and me back to blogging (and reading blogs) more often.