Sunday, April 27, 2008

Waiting for CJ..... post and comment in 3.....2.......1.........

According to HOI 15 RTR members showed up to help clean up the Kellar Branch yesterday.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One for The Peoria Anti-Pundit

I know how infuriated The Peoria Anti-Pundit gets with the local weather people. Well, A.P., the national guys aren't much better and even contradict themselves!

I have Wednesday off. Hoping to get in some yard work. The last few days, the weather widget provided by, in the upper right hand corner of my screen has said "sunny" with temperature predictions running from 70-76. Yippee!! I noticed this evening that it has changed to isolated thunderstorms and the high of 73. Getting grouchy because my yard work plans are now in jeopardy, I click on the link, type in 61603 and what do I get for Wednesday? Sunny and 76.

Looks like China must have stepped up their crack pipe production.....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fun & Games with mumblers on the phone.

Phone: ring, ring.

Me: (place of business), Kevin speaking, how may I help you?

Phone: mumble mumble mumble

Me: I'm sorry could you repeat that?

Phone: Mumble, application, mumble, mumble.

Me: You are checking on your application?

Phone: mumble, yes, mumble.

A very long pause.

Me: (over my shoulder to another managerial type person but so the person on the phone could hear me) Hey Bob, do we have an application that doesn't have a name on it in the office? I have a person on the phone who is checking on his application but apparently has no name.

Bob: No, I think all the applications have names on them.

Me: Sorry sir, all our applications have a name on them. Thank you for inquiring, though. (Click)

Moments later.

Phone: ring, ring.

Me: (place of business) Kevin speaking, how may I help you?

Phone: mumble mumble mumble Larry.

Me: Larry, did you just call about your application?

Phone (or Larry at this point): mumble yes.

Me: I'll let Bob know you called. Click.

This is a multi time a day occurrence. People call to "check on their application" and VERY RARELY give their name. Now how in the hell am I supposed to "check on your application" if you do not tell me who you are? So, of course, it is our "duty" to come up with creative ways to make people realize, "DUH, how can they check where my application in the scheme of things if I don't give my name?". Hmmmm how about "Hello, my name is Ginger Roberts. I filled out an application last week and was wondering if you had an opportunity to look it over and if you are still hiring. Not mumble, I sound like I just woke up and it is 2 PM, mumble, mumble. As my business relies heavily on customer service and communication, mumble, mumble, mumble just doesn't cut it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Prairie Grill

Ah, yes, another independent. Makes my day. The Prairie Grill is located in Kickapoo, about a block west of the Ludy's, the Kickapoo legend on Route 150. The Prairie Grill is in the building that used to house a pizza joint and most recently Dobies' Ice Cream. There is no sign, however it is located at the four way stop on the northeast corner.

The building's layout is the same as previous businesses. However, local artwork and glass topped linens bring a more upscale presence to the small dining room. The dinner menu is fairly small offering about a dozen items ranging from $9.95 for a pasta dish up to $25.95 for the filet.

My DA had the Shrimp Scampi and found it quite tasty. A good amount of garlic but not overpowering. She chose the brown rice option to accompany her meal. I had the sesame crusted salmon. It was about a six ounce portion and also served with the brown rice. It had a reduction drizzled on it that I couldn't quite pick out, but tasted like a combination of teriyaki and balsamic. It was very good. We both had the house salad of baby greens which had dried soybeans, croutons and mozzarella cheese on it plus a ginger sesame dressing.

As they do not yet have a liquor license, they were pouring wine for free. Let me repeat that: they were pouring wine for free. One more time. Pouring wine for free. OK, it wasn't all you could drink; just a glass and a bit of a refill. I had a Jadot Beaujolis Village and my DA had a Yellow Tail chardonnay. If you look at their menu, these two will reasonably pair well with most offerings. And it was free.

The only thing I found odd was for how the owners are trying to promote a "nicer" image, I found the waitperson wearing a striped polo and jeans a bit odd.

Dinner with tip came to $42.00.

See You Around The Table....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What is Right?

I just read where Marion Jones (who confessed to using steroids, blood doping) team mates in the 400 and 1600 meter races at the Sydney Olympics are being forced to return their gold medals as of a result of Jones' cheating. Jones' teammates on the 1,600 squad were Jearl-Miles Clark, Monique Hennagan, LaTasha Colander-Richardson and Andrea Anderson. The 400-relay squad also had Chryste Gaines, Torri Edwards, Nanceen Perry and Passion Richardson.

How do you feel about this? Right, wrong? The aforementioned have hired lawyers to fight the Interantional Olympic Committees decision.

Personally, I think the IOC should do this: Throw out Jones' time and the women she ran against times in these events. Would the aforementioned have won a 3 on 3 race in the 400 or 4 on 4 race in the 1600 without Jones? If so, they keep their medals, if not, they end up with the silver. To give them back if they would have won without Jones seems just as unfair as winning them with her.

If they are forced to give them back, then it is reasonable to think that any athlete who played against a team with a steroid junkie on it could sue (pick your governing body) to have his teams losses against the junkie's team reversed to wins.

Can someone say can of worms?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Bad Combination

I'm learning that three things do not work well together. My German heritage, being a Taurus and remodeling my 85 year old house. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!

All pick axes have been removed...