Thursday, April 10, 2008

What is Right?

I just read where Marion Jones (who confessed to using steroids, blood doping) team mates in the 400 and 1600 meter races at the Sydney Olympics are being forced to return their gold medals as of a result of Jones' cheating. Jones' teammates on the 1,600 squad were Jearl-Miles Clark, Monique Hennagan, LaTasha Colander-Richardson and Andrea Anderson. The 400-relay squad also had Chryste Gaines, Torri Edwards, Nanceen Perry and Passion Richardson.

How do you feel about this? Right, wrong? The aforementioned have hired lawyers to fight the Interantional Olympic Committees decision.

Personally, I think the IOC should do this: Throw out Jones' time and the women she ran against times in these events. Would the aforementioned have won a 3 on 3 race in the 400 or 4 on 4 race in the 1600 without Jones? If so, they keep their medals, if not, they end up with the silver. To give them back if they would have won without Jones seems just as unfair as winning them with her.

If they are forced to give them back, then it is reasonable to think that any athlete who played against a team with a steroid junkie on it could sue (pick your governing body) to have his teams losses against the junkie's team reversed to wins.

Can someone say can of worms?

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mr.collector said...

when will people realize you can not rectify the past. improve the future maybe. Let bygones be bygones.