Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One for The Peoria Anti-Pundit

I know how infuriated The Peoria Anti-Pundit gets with the local weather people. Well, A.P., the national guys aren't much better and even contradict themselves!

I have Wednesday off. Hoping to get in some yard work. The last few days, the weather widget provided by weather.com, in the upper right hand corner of my screen has said "sunny" with temperature predictions running from 70-76. Yippee!! I noticed this evening that it has changed to isolated thunderstorms and the high of 73. Getting grouchy because my yard work plans are now in jeopardy, I click on the weather.com link, type in 61603 and what do I get for Wednesday? Sunny and 76.

Looks like China must have stepped up their crack pipe production.....

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Peoria AntiPundit said...

Chef, I use a widget from Yahoo Widgets for weather (it is a nice program) then I check AccuWeather, bounce over to Weather.com and divide by 3. Then take a shot of Jack Daniels and go out and check the realtime weather rock, come back in and throw the weather dart. Take another shot of Jack Daniels pick one of the weather babes on our local TV channels in the mornings and another shot of yep, you guessed it, Jack Daniels. Results? I'm too tired and half drunk to care, much like our TV weather personalities forecasts. I can predict scattered lightness around dawn with over whelming darkness at sunset.