Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thought For The Day.

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail and the following was part of the "signature". I'm still laughing my ass off:

There is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer's research. This means that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The new Basta

Had dinner with a friend at the "new" Basta on Prospect in the Heights. I've heard good things (just like I did with their sister restaurant across the street, Seven) and even though I'm not usually a "run to the new place" type of person, off I went.

Kudos to the construction crew turning the previous Ben Franklin store into a really nice restaurant. We started with the calamari with a spicy marinara sauce. Came out very quickly. Lightly breaded and hot, these were really good. I wouldn't call the marinara spicy...not even zippy. But then again Tabasco tastes like tomato juice to me as I'm a heat freak.

I had the steak Greggerio (not quite sure on the spelling here, but if you go, this is close enough so that you can find it on the menu). Grilled (it appeared to be a tenderloin tail) on a bed of bowtie pasta tossed with a brunoise of bell peppers in a slightly sweet light brown sauce. I ordered the steak very rare, it came out medium rare. However, I do the very rare thing on purpose. I like my steak anywhere between rare and medium rare, but if it's bleeding flippin' raw, I like that too, so I'm pretty easy to get along with if it's at or less than medium rare. It's one reason why I rarely (HA!) order steak out. Well, this was VERY VERYgood and a filling portion at that. I'd order it again in a heartbeat. The salad that accompanied the meal wasn't anything special...romaine, iceberg, red onion, pepperoncini, maybe another veggy or two, I don't recall. We got to sample, as the table next to us are friends of my D.A., a few bites of the chocolate cake they offer. Several layers of chocolate filling in a 6" high piece of cake. I guess I'm spoiled by the chocolate cake I make, so while I wasn't impressed, it was one of the better chocolate cakes I've had while dining out and would say "go for it" if you have "room".

We had a bottle of Coppola "Green Label" Syrah-Shiraz with dinner. Nice, but nothing special. I didn't find any bargains on their wine list. This wine sells for maybe $15-17 in the stores and we paid $37.

Two things of note on their menu: You can bring your own wine for a $15 corkage fee. And well behaved children allowed (didn't I just blog about that..thank you Basta). Guess they don't want any patrons wearing a new fusilli induced hairstyle via knee capped waitstaff.

So, I really enjoyed the experience. Far better, and cheaper, than either two experiences at their other restaurant, Seven. I believe they are going to have live entertainment on Thursday nights in the lounge.

See you around the table.....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I can't remember, did I fire five shots or six? So, do you feel lucky, punk?

Yeah, I'm a gun control freak...we should control criminals from getting guns and leave us law abiding gun owners alone. So, I just gotta point this out to the gun control proponents out there:

LONDON - A gang of armed robbers tied up 15 employees at a southern England security company and stole the equivalent of $43.5 million, the Bank of England said Wednesday.

Ummm....It's illegal in England to own a gun so I seriously doubt a renegade group of normally law-abiding persons got pissed off at the Bank of England concerning overdraft charges, went haywire, got some guns on the black market and proceeded to get their $29 back (plus a few bucks). No. Criminals will always get guns and THAT is what needs to be stopped. Obviously banning guns doesn't work...ask the Bank of England and their insurance company if they think LAW ABIDING people were responsible for this.

Hiding behind the table using it for cover......

The Smoking Issue

There is on going debate about eliminating smoking from Peoria area restaurants. As a former restaurant owner, I've got a few things to say about this. First, I don't smoke. Ok, I like a good cigar a couple of times of year out on the front porch while listening to the gun shots over on the East Bluff. But that's my extent.

If I'm eating dinner and I'm subjected to more smoke than what one or maybe two cigarettes can produce, I get offended. I'm not paying $20 for a delicately prepared fish dish to taste like a Marlboro. Now, before someone gets their shorts in a knot here and say it's because I don't smoke...I've got friends who do smoke and a great portion of them also tell me this. Transversely, if I'm at the Red Barn, I expect to be inundated with cigarette smoke, stop at Walgreens to pick up some lighter fluid and burn my clothes when I get home.

I believe if your receipts say that your revenue is 51% food, you are considered a restaurant. 51% alcohol, you're a bar.

Let's start with the bars. If you are a bar by the 51% standard, the owner, not the city, state, next door neighbor, etc., should be able to make the smoke\no smoke decision. Since it's a fairly known fact that smokers spend 3 times more on alcohol when out drinking than non-smokers, it would be fiscally irresponsible and economically stupid to ban it. I'm all for smoking in bars that are bars. Non smokers know its a bar, there will be smoking and if that's too much for them, well, put up with it or leave. If the Red Barn would bring in Indigenous (one of my favorite blues bands), I know if I want to see them, I gotta deal with the smoke (actually, it doesn't bother me...just when I'm eating). If non smokers don't like that, they can convince a non smoking establishment to book them.

If you are a restaurant classified by the 51% rule: if there is no way to prevent smoke from annoying non smokers, then it should be banned. If it can be prevented by separate dining rooms, super ventilation systems, whatever, then it could be allowed. Any restaurant that has a bar separate from the dining area should\could be smoking as long as it doesn't intrude.

I read in a local publication some comments about the subject. One that made me giggle was if the non smokers of the world didn't like it they should eat & drink at home. Well, since your (the comment maker) home more than likely already smells like a huge smokitorium, YOU stay home and eat, drink and gas yourself to death there instead of stinking up some other place. As much as it's your right to smoke, it's just as much my right not to have to smell\breathe it.

So, my opinion pretty much is if you are a bar, smoke. If not, smoking is banned unless the owner(s) can prevent smoke from offending other guests.

But seriously, it and other behaviors are simply a lack of ettiquette, consideration and mutual respect for fellow diners. Children running through restaurants. I've seen one incident where a youngster ran smack dab into a waitress carrying a whole tray of food and the poor girl lost the tray. Thank goodness it didn't come crashing down on someone's head or an errant steak knife that was on the tray didn't get harpooned in someone's eye. And I've witnessed close calls, too...one just very recently...the gal deserved a raise for getting the brakes applied to avoid a running child induced disaster. Cell phones. At lunch at one of the many nameless, faceless chain restaurants, who cares? (except the waitperson trying to get you to order, ask if you have any additional needs, etc. which makes you a rude bastard if you can't put your phone conversation on hold for a second to let this person do their job) But if I'm at (fill in the blank of a nicer restaurant) and I have to listen to constant ringing or some annoying conversation ('cause people always talk louder on their cells), sorry, I don't want to listen to it. I could go on. I won't. I'm sure I've pissed someone off.

Hopefully, I can see you around the table...

Grandpa John's Rib Shack

It ain't no great secret, but I'm a big BBQ fan. Whether it is North Carolina style, Memphis Style, KC Style, a "cross culturing" of the aforementioned, Pacific Rim style, Midwest style (which is slathering BBQ sauce on freshly char-(or gas) grilled meat), Jamaican Jerk, etc. I'm usually happy.

I was excited to hear that the descendants of Big John Robinson were turning the old Hardees' location on McClure (about a half block west of Knoxville) into a second location of Grandpa John's Rib Shack. It's been there for awhile and it's one of those places that I can't think of when I want to partake in a local establishment for a meal, but always think of it after I've made myself - and then eaten - a ham sandwich. Well, I thought of it because I ran out of ham. I try to support locally owned places close to home (I am told that I live in "hoodburbia" - just a half block or so out of the East Bluff) so this was the perfect venture for lunch.

The place sorta reminds you of a fast food joint...not a lot of remodeling done, but has gingham tablecloths, a standard issue roll of paper towels on some metal or wood rod that a lot of "Q" places have on the table and a makeshift condiment area\table. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, fries and a drink...It's all ala carte (an ala carte rib joint..chuckle) unless you order the daily special which is all inclusive and lunch ran me about $8. Now I know that any version of "John's" has always done the "southern BBQ thang" by serving their "Q" on sliced white bread. Not my style, but I know this. I got my pulled pork on the bread. There was a good amount of it. The fries were skin on thick cut (but not planks). There was a good amount of food here for lunch. But here comes the disappointing part: I would be very surprised if the pork in my sandwich saw a smoker. If it did, it was taken on a guided tour of the outside. I get more smoke out of burning something in my oven. In all fairness, the menu didn't SAY it was smoked, but come'on, it's Big John's...you assume it would be. And the BBQ sauce on the side, which is North Carolina style of BBQ service, is very cool by me. But I remember (or at least I THINK I remember) that Big John's BBQ sauce WAS very NC style in it's make-up, also...a thinish vinegary peppery tomato product. What was in the bottle at GJRS resembled a commercial style Memphis sauce..very tomato based, hint of vinegar and sweetness in a medium bodied sauce.

So, while it wasn't what I was expecting, it was good and plentiful. I want to go back to try the ribs or tips and see if they have some smoke in them.

At this point in time, unless I hit a bad day at "John's", the King of Peoria BBQ is a guy named Mike at the Smo-King Pit.

See you around the table.....

Monday, February 20, 2006

Let's Sue McDonald's Again.

I'm reading this Yahoo article online about three different individuals suing McDonald's. The issue is that McDonald's fries contain minute amounts of flour & dairy (or according to CNN, it's the OIL that the fries are cooked in - once again leaving us to wonder which journalistic median is reporting incorrectly).

Now, I'm not really sticking up for McDonald's here. I'm taking a stand against ignorance, stupidity and lawsuit craziness. Two are over the wheat\gluten issue, the other a vegan concern. I will admit that one would not expect to find wheat or dairy products in a french fry. However,there are soooo many everyday food stuffs out there that if you knew what was in them you would be on the cellphone to Jay Jannsen so quickly that US Cellular couldn't put you through fast enough. But you aren't calling, are you?

If this silliness continues, every restaurant is going to have to list every ingredient used in every offering. And if they use a pre-manufactured product, like chicken frying breading, they are going to have to list those ingredients, too. A standard two page menu will read like War & Peace just so the public is informed and the restaurant won't get it's ass sued. Now you're thinking I'm nuts. "You should just ask the waitperson". Do you think the $3.35 an hour waitperson knows every ingredient in every dish? How 'bout the $8 an hour line cook? Do you think they care?

Ever get a headache from eating beets? (not that many of us gourge ourselves on them). They contain a fair amount of natural occurring MSG. Call your lawyer...sue the hell out of Big Bob's Big Red Beet Company for not putting a big red label on the can reading: "WARNING: Red beets contain natural occurring MSG". How 'bout wine companies? Vegans will go nuts. There are wineries that fine (to make clearer) their red wines with powdered egg whites. There may be a day when the FDA may force them to put that on the label. However, I'm sure the old world countries like France will just say "F--- those Americans, we'll just sell all our Bordeaux to Britian and Japan". Do you know what TCM is? A half teaspoon of the stuff will kill you by basically pickling your heart. But you can find it (but not labeled as such) in most cured or smoked meats and possibly in some brands of hot dogs. A good cattle farmer will tell you they can tell you the difference between the taste of a steak that came from a grain fed animal compared to a wild\grass fed animal. I guess that means what the steer eats affects it's meat. Makes ya wonder if there are any minute wheat particles in McDonald's hamburgers, too.....

I'm not a McDonald's fan, but I'm pulling for them. Not because I agree with their values, tactics, etc., it's because of the culinary Pandora's Box losing these lawsuits could open. And yes, I have a food allergy.

Breaking out in hives around the table...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Asleep At The Wheel on Prospect

I try to keep this blog food oriented most of the time. If not, I try for amusing observations or a critique of stupidity. But this post, this is just an ongoing frikkin' gripe of mine that has been ongoing for a few years now.

I want to know who's wiseass, dumbass decision it was to make Prospect between War & Glen Oak two lanes when it used to be four? I kid you not: I followed someone driving 22 mph today going to work. 22. Damn, it isn't worth getting in your car and driving if you are going to drive 22 mph. I don't think my speedometer registers 22 mph unless I'm slowing down. I got lapped at a light by an overweight jogger by Springdale. The Monte was wondering why the hell I filled it with mid grade if I was gonna poke around. People jaywalk in downtown Peoria faster than that. It ain't like the scenery is so entralling that you have to slow down to take it all in. The snailmobile and I got passed (illegally, I might add) several times and even once on the RIGHT. What the hell possesses someone to drive 22 mph? Give them a cellphone, a cup of coffee and a tube of lipstick (or an electric razor - don't wanna be sexist here)and maybe they could at least drive erratically to cause some interest and distract THEMSELVES from driving 22 mph. It's gotta be sleepdriving.

I was briefed at one time by an ex-city council person that the reason this was done was to provide parking on Prospect. Why the hell do we need parking on Prospect? If you are dumb enough to buy a house without a driveway (or other ingress to your property), you probably shouldn't be driving. And good thing we got that big ol' turn lane...lot's of people turning..lefts and rights all over the place...it's just jammed between the yellow lines. Maybe we need a bicycle lane, a horse & buggy lane, electric vehicle lane, towing lane and a lane for vehicles with more than 20" rims.

I think I'm going to Lowes and buying some paint....

Z - Bar

I'm not a "downtown bar scene" person, but there was a musical performance I was interested in attending, so off I go.

We went to Z-Bar, the newish establishment that is in the same Main Street strip as "World Famous" Big Al's, Tomcats and Club Reign. Somehow, someway they are all co-involved as they offer a one price admission fee to all four venues on certain nights. The place used to be "Tonic" and the decor is about the same.

Their menu is Spanish Tapas plus a Paella and a couple of fondues. The five of us tried quite a few of the selections: Scallops Ceviche in Cucumber Cups, Shrimp & Bacon Brochettes w\ Lemon, Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms, Sicilian Fried Calamari, Salmon in Mojo Sauce, Spinach Turnovers and the Chocolate Grand Marnier Fondue. The Ceviche was diced scallops in hollowed out cucumber cups. Between the cucumber and the acid (lemon?) to cure the scallops, I couldn't really taste the scallops. The flavors I could taste where very nice. The shrimp dish disappeared before I could blink with rave reviews. They were some pretty impressive sized shrimp. The mushrooms were good size caps and were nicely done - just a touch of firmness left in them. The Calamari were intriquing. Cut quite thick, floured, fried and then tossed in a "sweet and hot" pepper sauce. I found the sweet, not the hot and it had chunks of olives in the sauce. Very nice. The Salmon was in a Mojo sauce, whatever that is. Some large chunks of salmon marinated in served in this sauce. There wasn't much sauce and it appeared to be paprika based. Also a very tasty dish. I didn't try the spinach turnovers but those who had them were satisfied with them. All were served on little plates and attractively desgned & presented. Depending on what you order, the portions are good sized for tapas and two could do it for you...if not, order more. They run from $5.25 up to about $8.

While we were waiting for our food, the table next to us brought over a whole order of the Paella. While watching the night's happenings unfold, I think it was the owner or someone associated with the owner(s) table. They just gave us this as they over ordered. This was a fabulous dish with large shrimp, sea scallops, chicken, chorizo, etc. Curiously enough the menu said "all cooked in an aromatic saffron rice", but the rice didn't seem to have very much, if any of that yellow\orange hue saffron imparts. Even if I would have paid for it, I wouldn't care...this was GOOD!! The paella for 2 is $30 and I'd do it in a heartbeat.

The people who had the fondue didn't care for it.

Service was a bit spotty, but I've had much, much worse. But they were friendly, accomodating, helpful with menu selections and upbeat.

It's a bar, so if smoking bothers you, it could be a small concern. However, we didn't really notice it except when the paella benefactors lit up some cigars. At least I didn't have to burn my clothes when I got home.

I'm told the artist appearing there will be back with some frequency. So will I. We were also told they plan to change the menu with fair frequency. Think it is a nice place for a light dinner before or after any downtown event.

See you around the table.....

Friday, February 10, 2006

Schooners on War (Again)

Yeah, I've posted on Schooners before. I had a not-so-pleasant day at work a few days ago and all I wanted was a big greasy burger and a beer. Schooners is on the way home. A Gebbyburger with bacon, a side of onion rings and "a couple beers". Except for lack of grease, DAMN!!

'nuf said. I left in a FAR better mood. I'm full and the pain has been dulled. Thank goodness the Monte knows the way home.

See you hangin' around the table.......

Pizza Hut

Went to Pizza Hut on Prospect today for lunch. Yeah, yeah, I know, it's a chain. If you don't know, I try not to eat at chain restaurants and try to support the local guys trying to make a living versus the big corporations. But, mom had a "buy one buffet and a drink, get one free" coupon, so...

We were seated in a booth in the "no smoking section". Didn't seem to matter as the smoke from the smokers section was noticeable. The booth seat missed the re-padding session 10 years ago and I felt the whole time I was in a NASCAR Monte Carlo...always leaning left. So, that was the worst part. They offered a small salad bar that much to my amazement contained tomatoes. For those of you unaware, tomatoes are demanding HUGE dollars right now in the wholesale market which is causing some food service outlets to charge extra for them. They offered a BBQ Chicken pizza, a pepperoni\red onion pizza, a thin crust "just about everything" pizza, a sausage pizza and a "thicker looking crust" cheese pizza. They also had some mac & cheese looking dish, breadsticks with pizza sauce and a dessert pizza. I gotta say, it was some of the best buffet foods I've had in awhile. Fresh and hot. None of this lukewarm Chinese buffet BS.

This is normally a $6.95 (including drink) buffet and even though it hurts me to say that I'd go back & support a chain restaurant, this lunch time pizza buffet is pretty darn tempting.

See you leaning around the table....


No, this has nothing to do with an occasional segment of "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. It is in response to the "buzz" surrounding Peoria Police officers writing tickets for the offense. Some claim that their efforts would be better spent dealing with or preventing criminal action on the South Side or East Bluff.

Eventually, the savvy jaywalker is going to look in all directions for a patrol car before making the trek across the motorized portion of the road . This will cause the PPD (not to be confused with the Peoria Park District - they have their own issues with jaywalking squirrels and racoons) to have to disguise themselves as other potential jaywalking pedestrians, hot dog vendors, mothers pushing baby carriages and telephone repair people. They could use their current force of female vice officers portraying hookers, but that would be pretty damned obvious at the corner of Main and Jefferson at noon on Thursday. Actually, I thought the whole damned thing pretty silly until a couple of nights ago.

The Monte and I are cruising about a block South of Sully's heading north. I'm in the far left lane as the Monte thinks I need to stop at Sully's for a Sam Adams. I'm behind a car traveling at the speed of the search for Bin Laden, so I signal and start to switch lanes. Right now we are between Sully's and ICC. Just as I barely get into the other lane, the "Bin" cruiser previously in front of me takes a nosedive and almost stops. I'm "like what the....", look up and this college age woman had stepped out in front of this car and was now in front of me. Now I'm on the brakes. I'm not a horn person, but this time I'm on it. I get this "look". If I would have got the finger, I'd be in Peoria County right now as I would have made a hard right, hit the bitch and ensured the new Goodyears the Monte is sportin' would have caught that offending appendage a few times. If I wouldn't have changed lanes, I'm sure the car in front of me would have received the automotive equivalent of a proctology exam (The word Proctology is derived from the GREEK words Proktos...eh, a "My Big, Fat Greek Wedding" joke). And who would be at fault? Me. Following to close. Nah, I would have tracked this backpack wearing female until she called the cops that I was a stalker & then I could tell the cops why I was "after" her.

Some of you know where I live. I'm probably glad some of you don't. However, I do cross the intersection of Prospect & Frye more than once in a day. Often, there are very indignant jaywalkers there that would more than likely require certain high projectile defense mechanisms if one would confront them and their illegal hood rat strolling habits.

So, I say, bring on the jaywalking tickets.

And then I was waiting for the light to change. Now I am the pedestrian. I'm at the northeast corner of University & Pioneer Park (ie CEFCU) wanting to cross University (don't ask). I'm standing at the crosswalk waiting for the light to change. Traffic stops, I look up and NO WALK SIGNs!! There are no walk\don't walk lights at this corner!! As traffic on University has stopped and the traffic on Pioneer park is progressing, I walk...in the cross walk all the time thinking where is Officer Friendly?

Makes me curious. What is the definition of jaywalking. Can I walk across my dead-end street to my neighbors house? Or do I have to walk all the way to Prospect, cross the street (no light or painted cross walk) and then down the other side. Long way to attend a garage sale. Bueller, anyone, anyone?

Trying to get to the other side of the table.........

Monday, February 06, 2006

Once Upon A Time....

I was looking through my vast array of recipes looking for a certain Bolognese recipe I have when I stumbled across the recipe for Lone Star Steakhouse's Bourbon Salmon Marinade.

Then an idea popped into my head. I'm always "working" on a cookbook...sometimes I'm more actively working on it than others. It didn't help that those bastards at Best Buy wiped a hard drive clean that had lots of my recipes on it. That's another story. Anyway, I've always been looking for an angle to help sell the book. And this is it: amusing restaurant happenings in my career.

The "Lone Star Story": One Friday night we are fairly busy. A waiter comes in with a "Oh, for the love of God I hate some people" look on his face.
He says: "I don't want to ask this, but..."
Me: "What up?"
Pained Waiter: "This woman wants to know if you can prepare the salmon like they do at Lone Star Steakhouse."
Me: "Uh, I didn't even know they had salmon at Lone Star so I haven't tried it thusly have no clue as to how to replicate it. Please apologize that I don't know how they make their salmon."
(Pained waiter leaves) A few minutes go by. (Pained waiter returns)
Pained waiter: "I don't want to ask this".
Me: What?
Pained waiter: "She wants to know if you will call over to Lone Star and ask them for the recipe". (Sarcasm: Yeah, I'm not doing anything..just sitting around scratchin' my ass watching some bacteria cells mate in the garbage can)
Me: "Please inform her that if she wants Lone Star salmon, she will need to go to Lone Star".

I don't remember if they stayed or left.

Several years later I'm working with a guy who was a GM for Lone Star. I HAD to tell him this story. His reply was: "I'll bring you the recipe". He does so. I read the ingredients. Then I read the cooking instructions. "Mix all the marinade ingredients together. Add salmon filets. Make sure the filets are completely submersed. Marinate 24 hours".

Long wait for salmon dinner, huh?

See you around the table....

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Non-Rated Restaurants

I was asked by a friend last night while at the Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe why I never post reviews of this place or Panache. I eat at both fairly frequent enough.

Well, there are a lot of reasons. The grande dame of Riverfront cuisine (and this is a compliment Shelley) and I have a history of working for each other over the years. I still work at Panache on occasion and do some infrequent consulting work. I've known John for nearly 16 years (damn..has it been that long since I trashed your mylar mirror?) To me, these places are like eating at home except no dirty dishes to clean. I enjoy going to either and I almost feel like Norm of "Cheers" fame. There is usually a chorus (though it's more oft a chorus of one or two) of "CHEF KEVIN!!" It just doesn't seem right to me to bite the hand that feeds you...so to speak and literally. On the other hand, glowing reviews may be viewed as "Kevin knows these people well and would never say anything bad". Thusly, I'm sorta in a Catch-22 situation. I've had great meals at both and ones that could have been better. However, I've cooked at home whereas somethings have been great and others I wouldn't feed to my enemies in fear that they would sue me.

So, let's do this. At Panache I recommend the Taco Chicken Salad and the Pesto Chicken Pizza. At Rhythm Kitchen, it's the Southwest Pizza and the Jamaican Jerk Chicken. And either is made even better consumed with a product called Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

So, there will never be reviews of these two places, but please visit them.

See you around the table....

Jalapenos Metro Centre

I'm sure most of you know that the Dominics location in the Metro Centre has been transformed into a Jalapenos. I've been to the Jalapenos twice at the Pioneer Parkway location and thought to give the Metro version a try.

The service was quick and efficient as the P.P. location...the margaritas were at our table faster than you can actually make a margarita. The freebie chips and salsa aren't anything special or noteworthy except when 7:30 PM is the first meal of your day, they become like a morsel of food to a starving Eithiopian. My D.A. had the shrimp fajitas. I had the grilled shrimp and scallop dish. This had to be the longest wait for food at either location and the food quality was the lowest of all previous visits. Note here, I'm not saying it wasn't good, it's just not up to it's P.P. standards. The rice was almost flavorless, barely warm and tasted like it had been sitting in a steam table far too long. That was the bad part. The shrimp were mid sized, hot, tender and a lot of them for $11.99. The scallops were a bit disappointing as they were bay scallops. I guess I was expecting sea scallops, but hey, at $11.99 and all those shrimp, I can't bitch, nor fault anyone. The menu does say scallops and scallops they were. This meal came with shredded lettuce, guacamole and two tortillas. My D.A.'s fajitas looked great...and came with two tortillas. I find this odd. How the hell can you get all this food in two tortillas? I guess maybe some people don't use them, so to avoid a lot of financial loss, just give everyone two and if they want more, ask? Not a big deal.

So, if I'm up for Jalapenos again, I think I'll visit the P.P. store.

See you around the table....