Sunday, November 26, 2006

Who Knew??

I did a guest chef thing cooking plated brunch at Panache. It has definitely been busier. Every so often, I do something a little off beat. This was one of those days.

Blackened eggs on cornbread with seafood etouffee. It was my biggest selller. Huh. Would have never thought that it would outsell my omelets...usually sell a LOT of omelets.

Oh, well. Peoria still keeps me guessin'

See you around the table (that, is, if I can see you through all the blackening smoke.....)


Mazr said...

Nice job today, Kevin.

It was good meeting you and my wife LOVED the etouffee (so did I). My omelete was delicious also. Also liked the potatoes. Not well done and crispy like at other places.

She wants to know if you would be available to come over and cook for us. I said "For the right price, I'm sure he is."

We're hoping the New Years Eve plan works out. We're getting a babysitter, so we're looking forward to a great meal somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, let us know if you are filling in at Panache again. My husband and I have a semi-regular Sunday morning date, often at Panache, to re-group and have a little time away from the kids. We would be sure to come on the sunday you are cooking.

Kermit85 said...

Wow, Chef Kevin, I just ran across your blog Googling Copperworks. What a great idea for a blog - how helpful!

Anyway, I thought I'd leave a comment here because I definitely remember this day...oh, blackened egg was a BIT smokey..just a bit.. :)