Saturday, November 11, 2006

This One Is For Scott Janz

I gotta give a shout out here. It has nothing to do with food. I, as many others, are always looking for reliable construction or re-modeling companies. And in some cases, even bemoan the lack of any effort on some of their parts. However, I’ve gotta tell a positive story. Several years ago, I started replacing the original windows in my house. This was a very hard decision for me as I am S-L-O-W-L-Y trying to remodel\restore the house to its “built in 1922” glory. All the original UNPAINTED OAK woodwork, crown moldings, French doors, built in cabinets, buffets, pillars and fireplace mantel are still in gorgeous shape. Through the years, various contractors have found quite a bit of TRUE 4X4 in the house. In other words, except for a little erosion problem in the back yard (which I’m working on) I want to keep it as original as I can…no funky wallpaper designs, loud paint (well, except in the basement work room) or contemporary decorating that one would find in a house built today out in Dunlap, because this baby ain’t going nowhere, it is in very good shape and "new" decorating just would look wrong with the insane amount of red oak that inundates this house. Thusly, to rip out the (old inefficient) original windows was a painful decision. After much searching, I decided on a particular Pella design. As these custom made babies are really expensive, I’m only replacing a few at a time. At the time, Pella had contracts with individual contractors who were “certified Pella installers”. The guy who replaced the first 9 windows was a guy named Howard Lundell. It took him and his one man crew a few days as these were all second floor windows, but DAMN he did a nice job. Pella then switched to having their own installers. The next 2 windows were replaced without incident. However, two of the next four windows were a WTF nightmare that Scott Janz could fully "appreciate" and the cause of more of my hair loss. Long story short, I didn’t want Pella and their merry band of destruction artists or "contractors” touching my house and there are still 11 windows left. What to do? I didn’t want mismatched windows by getting them from Andersen or some other window company. I get out an old bill and find Howard’s name. I called and asked “can you get these windows from Pella and install them?” Yes was the answer and how happy I was. Well, not QUITE happy. Those Pella f-ers discontinued the line of windows I had previously put in my house…GGRRRR. Happier yet when Mr. Lundell charged me FAR less in labor than Pella. Long story short again: Two days later (three remaining windows on the 2nd floor, & 3 on the main), he’s done. Beautiful work. Cleaned up after himself between day 1 & 2 and if I wouldn’t have known better, wouldn’t have thought there was any any construction done (well, except the obvious). I’m not quite sure what else this guy does. I did mention that my neighbor’s house is exactly like mine except they have a sunroom off the dining room. His reply was “We can do that for you”. Hmmm… maybe turn that into a bigger kitchen (see, I somehow knew I could turn this into a food blog) and turn the old 9x13 kitchen into…hmmm…a BAR!! So, Scott & the rest of you who may need some work done, Howard Lundell (Lundell Construction in Morton) is in the book.

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Scott J said...

Kevin, I just saw this post. I feel like an ass not seeing it before. Going to have to put a RSS on this blog. I wrote this guy's name down, so next time I have it. I'm actually getting ready to do another building in East Peoria.