Friday, November 03, 2006

More Peoria Culinary News

Straight from the source herself, I understand the daughter of Chef John is now at the culinary reign (or is that range) in her late father's kitchen. This is good news for us epicureans. So, give her some time to get things rolling and her bearings about her and get out there. She does sometimes post here, so maybe she will give us the 411. I'm excited.

I've heard from a reliable source that the former Roxy's building on the waterfront will now be Tavern On The Water, an English Style Pub. Well, good and fine. I do wish them the best. Something really needs to be there and I hope this works. Supposedly, late January is the target date....which if it is like any other culinary rehab I've been involved with from my own experiences or others, this means March. And then I heard this: The kitchen will be open until 11 p.m. weekdays and to midnight on weekends. Ummmm....any one else think this not the best idea ever? Maybe in the summer. Anyway, yeah for another independent restaurant\bar in Peoria!!!

I hear there may be some chef jobs in Peoria area soon. One has been advertised. No, I'm not interested in anything I have heard. Now, if Rizzi's on Sheridan wants to be a hibachi\sushi\food on a stick joint, I'm there.


Jim said...

Nice blog... You need an RSS feed though (or I can't find it on your page). Blogger has some instructions, or ask the guy at Peoria Illinoisian how to set one up.


Jim said...

Nevermind... I see the little RSS icon now.


julienne brunoise said...

I'm not in the buisness but that advertised chef job at ponte vecchio asks candidates if they want to learn to cook gourmet and whether they are interested in the restuarant buisness. I don't understand. Wouldn't a sous chef position already require a trained individual or someone who already knows how to cook?

Sesara said...

I'm flattered that I am mentioned on your blog here, but yes, I have taken over the kitchen here at Chef John's and am finally starting to feel at home. We should be re-vamping our menu for the winter as of this Friday, so for anyone who is ready for a change, there should be some old Chef John favorites as well as some new menu creations a la moi. Also, we should have a website up and running in the next couple weeks where you can get general restaurant info and daily specials. Ok, I'll stop plugging the restaurant now.

Chef Kevin said...

Ah, Julienne Brunoise...interesting "name". would believe your assumption to be correct. But sous means second, so, second chef. However, it can mean anything. In a large hotel that I worked, we had an executive sous chef, 1st Sous Chefs and sous chefs. I've worked in places so small whereas the sous chef was also the salad maker and dishwasher.

Anonymous said...

Sesara: Just make sure you keep the macaroni fit for a king/queen