Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm in The Peoria Journal Star Again

Yes, I once again grace the pages of the Peoria Journal Star. Seems like I have more notoriety AFTER quitting the cooking business than during it. huh. Anyway, its about Thanksgiving and family recipes.

Here is the link: Chef Kevin's Thanksgiving

Two things about the article. I know John couldn't put EVERYTHING in the article we talked about, but it doesn't get across (as well as I thought I expressed) that Thanksgiving on the farm has a real significance. It is probably as close to the Pilgrims as it gets. You plant in the spring, pull weeds in the late spring, harvest wheat, put up hay and straw, raise chickens, harvest the soybeans in the fall followed by the corn harvest that could go on for days loading up the corn crib. Put up snow fences. Harvest items out of the garden for canning and freezing. Butchering. You go through the seasons until late fall and enjoy the fruits of your year long labor. Very little came from the grocery store. And you appreciated the real meaning of Thanksgiving. Second: there is no picture of Chef Kevin!! I'm an enigma! Ha. They called me to do a photo shoot three days before the deadline. Between work, other commitments and the photographer's schedule....not happenin'.

Today it is glossed over by prepackaged everything and overlooked by the over commercialism of Christmas. Its kinda sad, really.


Angie said...

Okay, I've never attempted stuffing before. How do I dry out the bread? I hope I can do your recipe justice.

Chef Kevin said...

Angie -

You can just let it sit out unwrapped on a counter a few days. Or you can toast it in a toaster or low oven.

Just a side note. Grandma used to use wheat bread..its better than white. But how much thick cut wheat bread is there? None. Grandma made wheat bread. Guess is if you want to use wheat bread, I'd use 1 1/2 slices of wheat for each piece of Texas Toast.

I've had people call me at work and ask why there is no sage in it. You can put sage in it if your heart so desires sage. Actually, grandma was a little more heavy handed with the parsley that the recipe calls for and you don't need sage. Sometimes if the weather had not got cold enough and she had chives, she'd put those in, too.