Monday, November 20, 2006

Blogger Boil

No, no...we aren't going to be deep poaching area bloggers like a piece of salmon (but that does not apply to anonymous commenters :)). And no, it isn't going to be a version of a Dean Martin roast, either.

Over at O'Brien's Briar Patch, I was a co-winner in both food categories in the Peoria blo-o-sphere "bloggies". One of the categories, Group of Bloggers To Have a Backyard Crabfest With, gave me an idea. A Peoria Blog-o-sphere Low Country Seafood Boil.

Now, I have this giant wok. Maybe some of you might remember it. There was a place called the Proper Pan. Near the back of the store there was a display of Asian products, cookware and utensils displayed in this giant wok. Well, I'm now the owner that wok. Its about 30" across and 10"-12" deep. It fits perfectly on top of a charcoal\wood Weber Grill. It has been the cooking apparatus for a batch of chili and a batch of Jambalaya cooked over said Weber.

Why a Low Country Seafood Boil, you ask. Well, I got to cook a hell of a lot of them on Hilton Head Island while working down there. That, and its just damned tasty and isn't labor intensive. Some shrimp, some crab legs, some grouper chunks, maybe some scallops and oysters or mussels. Chunks of onion, celery and carrots. Andouille sausage. Gotta have some new red potatoes and corn on the cob. Some shrimp stock, some white wine, Old Bay Seasoning, bay leaves, peppercorns, thyme, garlic and some lemon wedges. Cook up some rice for a side and toast up some garlic bread made with Fedora's bread, crank up some blues and we are good to go.

Gonna have to be a BOYB, though.

I was thinking early October. Now I'm thinking differently. Its just too damned good of an idea to wait that long and it might have to occur in late April. Maybe someone can host a chili bash in the fall.

Great idea Scott!!


E said...

I love Hilton Head, I have friends there and my wife worked there for a year, I do miss The Crazy Crab, and that high powered slushy spots at Seapines...And surprisingly enough the tiki bar at the Holiday Inn on the waterfront. Ah..I need a vacation- oh, and the golf courses.

Scott J said...

I'll host it at my place. Let me know.

Chef Kevin said...

Scott -

Were you refering to the chili bash?


Billy Dennis said...

I am so DOWN for this idea. Tell me when and where ... and I probably won't be able to attend because of my work schedule.

mapgirl said...

I am actually moving to the Low Country, but could be enticed back for this event! How fun would it be!