Sunday, August 14, 2005

Willie & Octavia's Coffee

Willie & Octavia's coffee now available!!

One of the items I felt, as did many others, that was always outstanding at Willie & Octavia's was the coffee. Unfortunately, Boyd's coffee quit producing one of the coffees that was in the blend. However, they have recently brought it back by special order. Thusly, I thought I would make the blend of beans available so you (and I) could enjoy this truly spectacular coffee at home. It's deep, rich, low acid and if brewed at regular strength, it is on the strong side. It is a blend of several different beans from South America, the Caribbean, Northern Africa and Indonesia. It's current state is whole bean, but if you need it ground, I'll see what I can do.

Obviously, I'm not giving it away. I'm also not planning on buying a 2006 BMW M6 from the profits, either. I realize you can come to GFS and buy a 2 1/2 pound can of Maxwell House for around $6. I also know you can go and buy Hawaiian Kona #1 or Jamaican Blue Mountain for $25 a pound. I'm at neither extreme. I'm selling it for what I've got into it plus a couple of shiny copper Lincolns. I'm also going to donate $1 of every pound sold to the Juventud ConVision Mission in Chihuahua, Mexico, which is a hands on project my friend Cherie is involved Mexico. She is planning to go back again in November. I'm selling this coffee for $10.00 pound.

So, if you are interested, let me know and we can make some arrrangement for delivery.

Thanks to all of you who supported me at W&O and even though there are few remnants left of my restaurant, one of it's best elements can be re-lived AND support a good cause.


Khouri's Pub

This past Friday I went to Khouri's Pub on Sterling for lunch. I haven't been there since coming back from Culinary School in '94 and then it was drinks on the patio.

It's about 11:30 am. There were two guys already at each end of the bar. I think they might have been the very first two Cub fans in Peoria. The waitress for the restaurant side greeted me and I said I was just going to sit at the bar. The bartendress appeared and I got the "what can I get you, hon" line. Odd that an early 20-something used the word "hon" repeatedly. I ordered a Amber Bock and looked at the food & bar apps. I ordered the special of the day...the Italian Sausage sandwich with fries. When asked what I wanted on it (Not know what my options were...foie gras & Beluga perhaps?) the waitress piped up that grilled onions and pepperjack cheese was a good choice. Ok, that sounds good. About 15 minutes later, it's food time. Fries were fries from a bag and unseasoned. I guess when I see Italian Sausage I think of the ones we have at know, the ones that look like a Bratwurst? This was a ground and pressed version...kinda resembled a elongated hamburger. Kinda greasy..don't know if it was from the sausage, grilled onions or the cheese. The best thing I can say is that it was blistering hot.

At this point, I'm thanking God for beer (again).

See you around the table.....

I'm Laughing MAO

I can't control it. Everytime (& why, I don't know) I think about it I giggle. People around me think I really have gone off the edge.

I'm sorry. I just have to bust Clare Howard's chops of the Peoria Journal Star again. She reviewed Hi-Ho Mongolian Grill. She gave the food 2 1/2 stars. When YOU pick out the ingredients YOU want and YOU put them in a bowl and then give it 2 1/2 stars??? Who else can YOU blame but YOURSELF?? The cooks? No mention of overcooked or undercooked in the article. I feel it coming on again......


I just "love" stars.

See you around the table....