Sunday, July 10, 2005


I'm sure some of you have been wondering "why hasn't Kevin posted any reviews lately? Obviously, he's eating as he isn't thin yet." Well, I had this 3rd of July social gathering at my house and there were some leftovers, so I'm finishing those off. It's already paid for, so I'm sort of eating cheap for the week.

Anyway, tired of the leftover scene, I decided to stop at one of my occasional places to grab a quick bite on the way home...well, it's really not on my way home..I can go home that way, but not the preferred route. Fedora's. Now, I guess this really isn't a's more of a commercial that Nabil & his dad aren't paying me for. I love Fedora's. I think we probably have all been there at one time or another, or have had their food, and it's just a joint we (shouldn't) forget about. So, I figure that if I give them a jingle before leaving work and place my order, it should be ready & waiting when I get there. Don't get me wrong, it never really takes them long to get it ready if you just stop in, but I might have to rush right home to avoid cleaning my carpets or dusting. I rarely eat about totally void of any decor plus the outside surroundings aren't much to look at either unless you are staking out your next drive by of BP\Amoco gas stations.

Anyway, I almost always order the New Yorker: corned beef, pastrami, swiss cheese, kraut, mustard, Fedora sauce all on their wonderful home made bread and served toasty warm. They hollow the bread out a bit so the ingredients stay nicely tucked inside the bread while you are eating it. A side note about their bread: It's got a hint of sweetness to it, but not as sweet like Avanti's, that makes it interesting (and far better than Avanti's). You can get tomatoes for an extra quarter, but why? This sandwich is very tasty as is, you're lucky to finish it all and you get a few pennies back from a paper Lincoln. And it is loaded with stuff..not like Subway (which after eating there several months ago, I now realize why that Jared guy lost so much weight...there is hardly anything on their sandwiches!!). Other recommendations are the Spicy Italian and the Superior Sub...good luck eating 1/2 of Superior Sub on your own. You can also buy a loaf (or more, I guess) of their bread. I always forget about this when I need good bread. I must have good bread dementia.

Of course, this sandwich is making the Monte Carlo smell good all the way home. I can't stand it and start picking at it while waiting to turn right onto Prospect from McClure behind some guy who doesn't understand the "right on red" concept. I've heard a bizillion times that Fedora's pizza is wonderful so I'm gonna have to try it someday. I've also have been told by someone who eats out far more than I do, that they also have really good gyros. But since this info. comes from a person who is on my "last 5 people I care to be around" list, I'm refraining from any endorsement. In case you're wondering where this "beat the hell out of Avanti's and Subway" sandwich joint is, it's at the corner of University and McClure.

See you around the table........


Catie said...

Great job Kevin! Your blogs make me hungry. Too bad you aren't a few states closer. We could tear up the town with your food blogs and my wine blogs. Keep on blogging!

angela said...


Try the spinach pizza. And get it with potatoes! Or shrimp. You can't go wrong!